Maccun Plus Turkish Herbal Paste 12g 1 Sachet

Maccun Plus Turkish Herbal Paste 12g 1 Sachet



  • Maccun Plus gives very strong erection of masculinity
  • Maccun Plus increases the number of sperms
  • It has a delaying effect
  • It increases sexual power
  • It prolongs the duration of erection
  • Maccun Turkish Herbal increases the number of sexual intercourse
  • Maccun Turkish Herbal provides the effect of fertilization.


  • Maccun Plus Turkish Herbal provides more relax and pleasure
  • Maccun Plus maximizes the desire for sexual instincts
  • It provides an increase in libido in women
  • It increases the secretion of estrogen
  • It solves the problem of vaginal drying and increases vaginal secretion.

Product Description

Maccun Plus Herbal Paste 12g sachet, Turkish Brand Maccun now available in Pakistan. 100% herbal ingredients Turkish honey Paste suitable for both men and women. 

It’s a 500 years old recipe that has all natural and herbal ingredients. Which are safe and healthy for human consumption. It improves the immune system, especially improves men’s sexual health. After 30 minutes of use you’ll start feeling the effects. 

Maccun Plus Imported from Turkey and Complete certification by Turkish Government Health department. 

How to use

Take 1 sachet 2 hours before having sex.

It is recommended to mix the paste well before taking.

It is recommended to be taken empty stomach.

An amazing surprise for you and your dear partner that will change your sex life.


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